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About Nova Veta Training Services

Nova Veta Training Services was founded in 2019 by Katie Rivers (that’s me!). We are a training provider based in Merseyside with teaching people to save lives at the centre of everything we do. Whilst we are considered a small business, we have the resources to cater for larger contracts whilst keeping that personal feel of a small business. We have a network of trainers across the North West and Yorkshire that we entrust to deliver quality courses. Each of our trainers is personally vetted to make sure that they not only deliver quality courses but that they are in keeping with our ethos.

A bit of background then about how Nova Veta Training Services came to be. Growing up my dad was a firefighter and alongside that he was a freelance first aid instructor and I was inspired by him, I wanted to teach people to save lives. It all started with me tagging along to a course my dad was teaching and deciding immediately that that was what I needed to be doing, and from there Nova Veta was born. Straight away I started my qualifications and spent months shadowing courses until I was ready to go it alone. 3 years down the line and my passion for life saving learning has only grown!

Our Ethos and why…

You may have seen our tag line ‘making life saving learning accessible to all.’ That is basically our ethos and our overall aim.

So why do we do what we do? We are working towards making this training accessible to more people across the UK, from children, parents, workers across all industries and anyone else who will listen to us. Not only is it our aim to share this knowledge with people but also to help them feel confident in dealing with emergencies of both physical and mental health.

I was listening to a podcast this week about business and a CEO was talking about business personality and described their business as the person in the bar dancing on the table. I liked this and it got me thinking what our business personality is. I came to conclusion that we are the person who is on the floor looking after the one that drank too much or holding a friend’s hair back whilst they’re being sick, we are the caring ones. We’re the ones that want people to be ok, we’re the ones that want people to survive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our first blog and now know a little more about us. If you want to know more about what we do you can follow us on social media or feel free to get in touch, the links are on our homepage.

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